22 October, 2008

fresh off the vines: the story of a pumpkin hunt

Grandma Marble grows pumpkins every year so that all the kids from the local school can ride over the day before Halloween and every kid gets to choose a pumpkin. Because we are lucky to know her (be related to her) and that we got their weeks early....she let the boys have two each! This is the real deal, where we had to bring "choppers" to cut the pumpkins off the vines. What an adventure :) Enjoy our journey in pictures!


Heather said...

How fun. I love pumpkin patch pictures. Pumpkins are just so photogenic when little kids are around. :) That next-to-last shot is so sweet.

Corinne said...

Fantastic! The scenery is perfect. What a great time outside - I like your pictures a lot!

Anonymous said...

ohh wow ; would you beileve I have never seen such a field :)

I m so so excited... i want one for me too! mebbe someday :)