17 October, 2008

the cat life, a life of sleep and simplicity

The dryer sheet is a "blankie"gift from j, he always puts little things on the cats and calls them their "blankies". they don't wake up, so they probably don't mind :)

all three, asleep.


Dar said...

What sweet pics. They're always really sweet when they're sleeping, aren't they? lol.

Trish said...

Aren't cats the best? And Dar--they are also sweet when they are not sleeping. :)

Dar said...

I love cats. I had thought of getting one to keep Buddy company but then thought better of it. lol.

bethany said...

I love cats...LOVE them. Every time I think of getting a dog, I just remember how easy cats are. That is the reason we have three cats! :)

Anonymous said...

**sigh** i like Cat pics :D but don't like them :) i like the little ones.. but am not sure about the BIG ones :D

i LOVE DOGS :D now now! ;) and I have one sweety at my place... and she is a totally spoilt one!! and there is NO room definitely for another one.. being a girl, she is very Jealous .. :D

and really cute j :)