12 October, 2008

red, green and round all over

These are what I picked today. We are now saying goodbye to all our fresh backyard fruits, and very sad to do so. These will be the last of this season, or maybe one more batch that I will pick tomorow and let ripen under cover from the frost. Oh, those green ones up there are ripe, they are Green Zebras and don't turn red. They are just as yummy though!

Now you will see my failures, as well. The midget carrots! Yes, like an inch and and inch and a half! Oh, well....I think I just need to plant them earlier next year. We'll see.
me, trying to take these pictures. J couldn't figure out why I was laying on the ground, he kept asking me: are you okay? What are you doing? O comes out and says: oh, no mom! Its okay, just get up! (I think that is what I say to him when he gets hurt :) I am not hurt, no worries...just taking pictures.


Anonymous said...

Wow!! so many tomatoes :-)

makes me want to have a small farm for myself...mebbe someday i will! :)

and the last pic is cuteee! heheh!! and u have a nose ring wow!!
my sis has been coaxing mom to let her get one... but u knw the area of the nose tends to go really dark afert wearing that.. so!! she is not allowed :-)

I would like to get my ears peirced one more time :-) :-)

and J is so cute to say that!

Dar said...

You got some nice matoes there. Ours are done. We got lots of zucchini this year though-we had to give some away. Our peas and beans were awesome too. It's very sad when the garden goes-ours has been for a while now. I love the pic of you.