12 October, 2008


six random things about me, b. Brad tagged me!!

1. I used to eat cat food when I was little (and not so little that I didn't know what I was doing!!!)

2. I have size 8 feet, and for my height that is big (5'3")

3.) I have a lazy eye. It is slightly lazy, I only can tell when I am reading for a really long period of time, or on the computer.

4.) I didn't go to the dentist EVER until I was a freshman in highschool.

5.) I have only ever had ONE cavity!

6.) Housework is not my joy.

I did it man, see??? Are those facts random enough for you ?? :)


Anonymous said...

yaeecks Cat food :P :P

Random enuf and funny too :)

Trish said...

No cavities for me...ever. :) I'm very proud of that but I'm not sure how much longer it will last.