15 October, 2008

say it with me: \ˈpä-vər-tē\

Today is the day that the bloggie world chose to unite to talk about poverty. It is called blog action day, and the date is the 15th of October. The topic is poverty, and how to get rid of it!

poverty: \ˈpä-vər-tē\
(the definition would go here, but I decided not to) you all know what poverty is, you see the need. Does poverty have a face to you, or is is a group of unnamed, underprivileged folks at some smelly overworked soup kitchen? How do you justify not giving? Would you give if you had no doubt that your money would be used well?

However large the need here though, poverty is even deeper, darker in much of the world. Water. Did you even think that it is possible that in many nations, people are dying from the pollution in their water supplies, dying. What is poverty if not the need for even water. My friend jessica recently told me about this amazing organization, Advent Conspiracy. I have posted two of the videos here, that tell you what it is all about, and I will mention this over and over as it has really struck in my heart.

Advent Conspiracy!!!! I am so jazzed about this movement, this change in the way we greedies are thinking. STOP ASKING, WHAT ARE YOU GETTING ME? and give!

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holly said...

so I'm way late on this, but I wanted to say that I REALLY liked this. especially the first video. YES!!