20 October, 2008

se habla español

This sign says: SPANISH ONLY PLEASE.
Brad puts this on his shirt whenever we go to Spanish Home fellowship. He wants people to try to converse with him in Spanish only. It has worked really well. We are all happy to help him out. I think it is cute :)


Anonymous said...

Yes thats a cute sign! I don't know Spanish!

Ellyn Canfield said...

Cute. My school sometimes has happy hours where everyone wears nametags that say if they speak spanish primarily, and I wear one that says "Solo un poco espanol" with a sad face. :(

Trish said...

I totally need to show this to my sister. When she was living in Argentina, she desperately wanted people to talk to her in Spanish so should could practice and learn the language. I think she would have appreciated a sign like this at times.