02 October, 2008

kill word verification!!!

I have created a button, that hopefully becomes a movement. A movement for what? Well I am going to call it "Kill Word Verification: rid the world of useless typing". Below I have an explanation of what I am talking about, but just in case you don't know what word verification is it is those jabber words that you have to fill out (as a security measure) on blogs. Words like this: jimmex, meiwnl, jkehgd, wrttyl, leosbte, wligvfd, tehdjkgne,meihuguen, piihdkks, eisgeki....AHHHHHHHHH!

Should I really use the word hate to describe my feelings about word verification on blog comments? YES! no doubt at all. Word verification is not fun, it is not useful, and it decreases the amount of comments you receive on your blog!!

I have disabled the word verification on my blog, and have had it that way since I started my book blog in march, and on my personal blog I have had it that way for over two years. You know how many times I have gotten spam comments?? less than 10 (and that is for both blogs).

How to rid yourself of word verification?? There are two ways :)

First: get rid of word verification on your own blog, here is how:
1. click dashboard at the top right corner (in between your email address and the sign out links)
2.click on the "settings" link on your desired blog
3. This will take you to the basic settings tab, click on the "comments"tab (upper left)
4.)scroll down to the bottom of the page, it is a few questions from bottom and it says :
Show word verification for comments? click: NO
5.) Click on the "save settings" button at the bottom of the page to confirm and you are SET!

Second: let your readers know that they have the power to change their blogs as well:
Do you want to kill word verification too??? add this button to your blog, write a post for your readers....let's spread the news....we no longer have to submit to the powers that engulf us in useless typing!!!!!

You know what they say, "hate the sin, not the sinner!" hahahaha....seriously now though...consider helping all your commenters out and kill the word verification!!!!

take the button :

Be sure to leave me a comment if you agree, or disagree....no hate mail though :)

Oh, and just so you know unless you have actually disabled the word verification it shows up for your commenters on your blog when they leave you a comment. It doesn't show up for you when you are logged in thoguh.


holly said...

a hearty AMEN to that! I hate it too and have also turned it off on mine from the get go. I've never received spam, but then I'm also not listed publicly. Not sure if that makes a difference. Of course I'm easy to find through others blog rolls.

It is soo so sooo pesky to type those ridiculous letters in. UGH! I'm not a button adding person to my blog, but maybe I'll add it to a post at the very least. Down with the WV!

Angel said...

I always find them annoying.....I had no idea that mine had it! Oops. It is now disabled for your commenting pleasure.

Ranee said...

I got rid of mine some time ago, but I did replace it with moderation. That way I can delete spam from the get go, rather than going back through comments to do so.

What I really don't understand is people who have moderation and word verification.