17 October, 2008

bungaree speak and $2.16

If you look at the widget in the sidebar (at least until someone else makes a donation) what you see is $2.16 and that, all of it comes from two little boys. I know, O is really still to little to understand anything, but J gets it and what he had in his bank he gave. ALL OF IT! I promise that I did not beg or bug him, I just told him what I told you, well....this is how it went:

Bungaree speak on clean water:

b: did you know that many, many, many people in the world do not have even clean water to drink?
J: they don't? What do they drink then?
b: well, they still have to drink the water it just makes them sick.
J: why does it make them sick?
b: uhmmm, well, because it has bugs, and germs and dirty things in it.
J: like what dirty things?
b: well, uhhhhh.....like poop.
J: why do they drink it?
b: that is all they have.
J: Oh. (he thinks for a second) Then why don't we put our water in cups and bring it to them?
b:That is a really sweet idea, J. The only problem is that they live really far away.We could save up money and have some clean water wells built for them.
J: Okay, we need to do it. Let's find my bank.

So we did, we found his bank, and we sifted through the plastic money that he always wants to put in there and we put all his pennies in a jar. O came over and decided to put his pennies in too. I had two dollars and I put that in. J still insisted on filling up a cup of water and brining it to them. I told him we could fill up a jar and put it next to the money to remember what we have, that we have so much. Kids get it, they really do. Their hearts are always giving, if there is a need, they have faith.


Anonymous said...

I have always believed ... that kids can be bought up to understand and love... and thats the responsibility of the parents to make them into lovely human-beings... and responsible ones at that!

I am so TOUCHED by this !!

You are such a wonderful parent Bethany... I hope to be like my mom and u... to make my kids so giving. [ hope u do get what i mean here]

God Bless you and your lovely family, **touchwood**

Ellyn Canfield said...

oh, this almost made my cry. I have good little nephews, with good little hearts. And it's no wonder- I love that you are just living this life in front of them to observe.

The last line made me laugh the most, bc I go to so many fundraisers where the men say, "Ok, let's write a check." Jackson is the piggy bank version of that ;)