25 October, 2008

ellyn love

B's beautiful sis ellyn has been here this week. We have enjoyed (REALLY ENJOYED) having her. I have gotten to spend time with my good friend e, B has gotten to visit with his sister, and the boys have enjoyed their aunt.

She brought them some neat glasses that are straws through which you can drink! The boys love them :) Thanks e!

We are trying to not think that she is leaving soon. We are trying to be extra cute so that she will want to stay, but her love (andrew) waits for her in NY, so I am guessing we won't succeed. Bummer. We'll keep on her.

we love you e (BIG TIME)!


Ellyn Canfield said...

Aw, so sweet!
I am one lucky aunt/sister-in-law/sister!
And I look AWESOME in straw goggles!

love you guys!

Anonymous said...

awesome, E is beautiful :) no doubt.. and those glasses are Funky :))