29 October, 2008

bungaree speak: cotton candy


Cotton Candy bungaree speak by O.

b: you guys are going to be so excited, I have some cotton candy for you!
J+O: Oh, that looks yummy!
b: You will love it.
I hand them each some pieces of the light pink delight, as they chant in unison: COTTON-CANDY! COTTON-CANDY!
J stuffs it in his mouth as if it is the best thing he has ever eaten. O does the same, and then pulls it out again and spits the rest onto his plate.
b: you don't like it O?
O: no, it is yucky, it is pokey it will "hurtcha".
b: Oh, it is good.
I roll it up into a ball thinking he just was weirded out by the cotton like feel on his tongue.
Then I put the ball of cotton candy into his mouth.
O spits it out again.
O: It is pokey, still pokey mom. It is bad, it will "hurtcha"!
J: O, you have to eat it!
b: He doesn't have to.
I say as I put the untouched remainder into my mouth.
O: You like it mom, you can have it, I will give it to ya.

Who knew? I had never heard of a kid turning his nose up at cotton candy....especially since that is the only think that O has ever not liked! Have you heard of kids not liking something so kid like?


Heather said...

Funny. I love how he said "it will hurtcha." My daughter won't eat any candy (except chocolate--she's already a chocoholic at the tender age of not-quite-three). She likes the idea of candy and will usually give it a few licks, but actually ingesting it is not her idea of a good time. (Of course this is the same girl that loves prunes, hummus, broccoli, and feta cheese...)

Trish said...

That made me laugh so hard!! I have another friend who posts some of the things her boys say (they are probably the same age as yours) and I am always so amused at the things kids come up with. It is pokey! :)

Angel said...

I can't believe he doesn't like cotton candy! And he says it hurts?! Well, I suppose it is better he likes carrots than cotton candy!=) Funny post!

Anonymous said...

Now tats a first! :) I have never heard - kids not liking cotton candy :)

but u can trust kids to be unusual :)

Ranee said...

Our third son didn't like ice cream! He does now, but it used to be too cold for him.