28 August, 2008

a good egg. aka ¡celebración a la bungaree!

our first egg! seriously how exciting is that? well, I think it super-grand...is that exciting enough for you? All this time caring for these chickies is paying off...and the egg is beautiful. The boys are so happy. j was a tad confused though, as when hurried him out to see how cool what I just found was, he took the egg in his hand very gently and said: " is there something special inside?" He has been waiting for eggs, and he knows that we eat eggs, but I think I though maybe the chicken had laid him an extra special gift...maybe a chocolate egg !!:)

even yoko was interested


Angel said...

I think getting your first egg is very exciting!!! So cool!

Ellyn Canfield said...

I'll take a dozen.

So fun though...my favorite of these pics is the one where it looks like Jackson REALLY wants to be holding the basket, but O has it...so cute.

Corinne said...


Angie said...

Congrats! It must have been so exciting to find. It was nice to meet you today at the Farmers Market, and your son is just as adorable in person as in the pictures. I have enjoyed reading your blog these past few months, and it felt like I knew you already because of it. Thank you again or posting your adventures on your blog, they are always delightful to read.

bethany said...

angel- yes, I am SO happy :), oh...did you mean the boys...yes they are thrilled too!

ellyn- well, we have three now...but not a dozen yet :) They are keeping them coming now though!!! yay!

Yeah I thought that was a funny picture too :) they are too excited.

corinne- for sure.

angie- yes it was, I was shocked! Even though I have been waiting for them to lay for a while, still it is an awesome gift :)
It was so nice to meet you today as well!! Do you have a blog too?

Thanks for the compliments on the blog, it really means a ton!

Angie said...

Hi Bethany, I just started a blog today, actually. Andy (my hubby) has had one set up for awhile and posts his photos up to it, he's been telling me to post to it. So, I finally did.
It's just general ramblings, as is the classic blog custom.

Madeleine said...

Hi bethany :)

Voila! a result after all the hard work you put into your chickens. I think it's great.
I know I said it before, this is such a great experience for your boys!

Have a great week