07 August, 2008

bustin' out.

I busted out my gui-tar again. yes, I took a little break. I am not sure why. I think I felt like I wasn't going anywhere. It could also be that I am finally in a new season spiritually as well, a closer place a place where I have a better understanding AGAIN. I know seasons are for reasons...but some are horrid. I am at a place of life again, and it is finally feeling like it is flowing in and out once again.

pastor rob is taking us to places that I had been so many times in scripture my eyes were foggy when we would turn there. the fog has lifted though, and the waters are reaching me. I feel like this is a post saying: I was blind, but now I see. Dry seasons are meant to be, but while I am in this wet season I am going to send out tons of roots so that during our next dry spell I will still be tapping the goods.

God is so good, and oh...incredibly faithful to be and do.

So yes, my guitar. I have started playing again and I am thankful to have not forgotten. I have recently decided to start learning tons of songs in Spanish, since we go to a spanish life group, and that is where the most need would be. I play to worship, and at some point I would love to lead others into worship as well....for now I am soaking in the love, my gui-tar love.

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Medbie said...

That's awesome!

And we do go through seasons; I think it's a natural part of growth and of being a human. Luckily, He too has been human and understands that. :) Maybe He doesn't just understand it--maybe He designed us that way, for seasons. Who knows! But I'm glad you're fired up to play and worship again! It's such a lovely feeling. I've not had that "on fire" feeling for some time again--in my own dry season--but in the meantime, I'll celebrate yours!