22 August, 2008

delightful zucchini

The wonders of the zucchini plant. As my mom always says: "zucchini plants are the cure to world hunger". As prolific as they are they should be that is for sure, but they only last for a couple of months, then fall comes. o and I picked all of these one afternoon...and from the look on his face they are super exciting! I made tons of chocolate zucchini bread ( post to follow).


Angel said...

I made 3 loaves, 12 regular size muffins, and 24 small muffins out of one of the zucchinis that you gave me!!! The bread is sooo delicious!! Never though of chocolate zucchini bread! Can you post the recipe? I still have one more more left.

bethany said...

for sure. I am going to post it tomorrow...yum, it is really good.

Trish said...

I am so envious of your beautiful zucchini! We have horrible produce in Texas (except for the citrus that comes from the Valley near Mexico). Your chocolate zucchini bread looks delicious!!