02 September, 2008

introducing: pepa and francisca

My two New Hampshire Reds needed naming, and I went with a spanish theme. I think all the rest will follow suit, but well see :)
Pepa is lighter and francisca (pronounced: franthisca) is the darker. In the picture above they are the two behind the bearded chicken. Pepa is in the top left, Francisca is in the middle of the shot.

Below francisca is the one in front, pepa is behind her.

FranciscaPepa dancing flamenco (the rest are pepa, she is not so camera shy)

These two chickes are super friendly, probably my friendliest of them all (or most likely the best beggars). They are New Hampshire Reds and are 17 week old pullets (meaning young female chickens, under one year). They will start laying soon and I can't wait to see what colour their eggs are!!!

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Pugs in Space said...

Love Chickens and love those names you picked out for them! Angi and you have such pretty peck pecks!