20 September, 2008

pop, pop (aka music to a canner's ears)

When after two days of processing apples I heard, "pop,pop,pop" it was music to my sighing ears :) So, I peeled and cut and canned 26 quarts of apples! These have now been readied for apple pie filling, apples to put into oatmeal, muffins, eat plain, to eat with granola...and probably some other uses I haven't even thought of. Anyway I am sick of looking at apples, but I put up two pictures for you to see them.

This last week I also canned 11 quarts of pears that I picked at my friends (thanks becky...if you still have time to check this :) I can't wait to enjoy all my canned fruit in the middle of the rainy winter.

What do you do with canned apples or peaches??? Any good tips or hints??

26 quarts apples
11 quarts pears


Angel said...

You are the perfect Oregonian wife.

Peta said...

I empathise with you! Last week I prepared (peeled, cored, sliced and part cooked) around seven kilos, when finished, of cooking apples for freezing and I was sick of the sight of them by the end. Sadly, that was just tree one so more to come next week!

What do I do with them? Make yummy crumble and pies!

Ellyn Canfield said...

Oh, these look amazing! I miss you and I can't wait to see you in October. I am planning on eating some apples when I come :)
I eat oatmeal every single morning...so that's probably what I would eat them on.

Medbie said...

I don't can 'em, I just eat 'em! LOL My mom makes an awesome apple butter (but then she makes awesome everything). I love seeing all the wonderful foods you store. I'm quite jealous that I don't!

brad said...

Good work. I am very proud of you. (Now let's eat some!)

holly said...

I love homemade applesauce. I haven't canned plain apples yet. It was so easy to cook and mash the apples, I didn't have to add anything to it. maybe some water? we did freeze a bunch for fillings, etc.

good work! you are inspiring!

bethany said...

angel- haha, right! haha. nope.

peta-oh, I know what you mean about never being done!! This was my second batch of apples :) ahhhh. and there are more (sometimes it seems like it is a nightmare!)but a yummy one :)

ellyn- apples, on oatmeal for sure. i am big on apple pies though :)

medbie- haha, don't be jealous!! just do it!! (right?) yeah it takes so much time thoguh, but in the end it is really neat to know that you are preserving for winter. I would just eat them too, if someone would make them for me :)

brad- thanks man!! loves.

holly- yes, that is good for sure. I love canning these too, they are mainly for apple pies, it makes pie time SO easy. I didn't add anything to these either, just processed them for 25 min. in a little of their own juice :) if you are interested in doing it let me know. I have a secret for you.

haha..glad that I am inspiring and not just insane :)!!

Corinne said...

You amaze me. That is such a great skill :)

Angie said...

26 quarts of just canned apples is a beautiful sight! Kudos to you for putting the time into it. I have 2 enormous bags of apples to process today, but I think I'm just going to freeze them as I still have some room in my freezer. With us, it's all about the crisps.

The filling (this is what I will freeze)
8 or so peeled, sliced apples
1/2 cup sugar
1 tsp. cinnamon

3/4 cup flour
1/2 cup sugar
1/3 cup butter

Bake at 350 for 50 minutes.

I have another round of apples coming my way in a few weeks. Those I will make apple butter with and can, probably using your recipe (thanks again for posting your process).