05 September, 2008

what are we enjoying lately?

1. eggs. we love all the fresh eggs we are getting.

2. blackberries for sure. and they are free!

3. Gorilla by Anthony Browne. this book is so sweet, the illustrations are filled with detail, beautiful.


brad said...

Yum. I miss you. And your food. And you have only been gone 2 hours.

Oh - started a blog while were gone.

Angel said...

It is so exciting that you are getting lots of egss now!! How many per day are you getting? Or week?

Angie said...

You are taunting me with your egg shells! Mine still have a month to go, but I find myself checking, just in case. Congrats on your bounty. It must feel so good to be able to provide such healthy food right from your backyard.