22 September, 2008

bibbers of raw milk

We are the bibbers of raw milk. I was warned against it by several, but they must not know what they are talking about. Raw milk has less of a milk taste than store-bought processed stuff!! Seriously I have done the test on many a willing participant. Raw milk you ask?
According to wikipedia:

Raw milk is milk that has not been pasteurized or homogenized.

My top reason for loving raw milk (that is when we can get our hands on it!!) is that we have no lactose aversion to it. Yes, you heard me right. The boys and I are all lactose intolerants :)
Wikipedia's definition:
Lactose intolerance is the inability to metabolize lactose, a sugar found in milk and other dairy products, because the required enzyme lactase is absent in the intestinal system or its availability is lowered. Some people also mention pasteurized dairy products as a cause (raw milk contains small amounts of lactase). It is estimated that 75% of adults show some decrease in lactase activity during adulthood worldwide. The frequency of decreased lactase activity ranges from nearly 5% in northern Europe to more than 90% in some Asian and African countries [1]

It is bad news let me tell ya. However raw milk (see above if you have forgotten what it is) is fine for us to drink...no problems with the digestive system. I promise you that I would know since I scramble in pain after only a spoonful of cream sauce if I do not take lactase enzyme. anyway, this post is an ode to raw milk, sweet nectar of the cows :)

I was just going to take a pic and post it above, but oliver really wanted to be in the picture, and he is so silly that I'll post them all as proof. I guess this is what raw milk does to ya!!


roxana campbell said...

Thanks for sharing girl.I love that you speak spanish and I would love that you would talk to me in spanish but what I am talking about is when poeple don't come from a place of having good motives and more out of ignorance and bitterness toward latinos. I know where you are coming from. And my experiences are not always with people like you at all. But I hear what you are saying I have been open all my life that I have lived in the USA becasue I have had to be, but i dont run into people who are like you. So race is s tough issue that takes a lot to understand each other perspective. Now when I say people touch my kids hair I mean I love people being close as well becasue I come latin america where touch is important. But at times its overwhelming. I also am not trying to lump anyone. I am all about unity and love living like a misionary in a state that doesent know what latinos or blacks are all about.Again when I run into people who are ignorant and dont want to learn anything thats when it can get frustrating for me. But I also fight to let the love of God fill me and deal with it on a daily bases. But I love you and I love conversing about race and I know I dont know everything about how whites feel about stuff all the time. So keep talking and I will as well, this is one of my favorite subjects and I want understanding for all parties all nations and each other. Race i a real issue for me because its in my face all the time with belivers and unbilivers.

holly said...

I think you are brave to do this! I've read some things on both sides that makes me nervous to do it, but there are so many nutrients that are missing from the pasteurized milk. good luck!

Ramya said...

you know something.. in my grandma's place back home in India.. the milk-selling lady would bring the cow to your place.. and then you give her a vessel and she'd milk the cow right in front of ya and give it to you!:) i love that milk! i was forbidden to drink it without boiling it first..but i still went ahead and did it!:) ooh..your post brings back memories of childhood!:)

Angie said...

Wow, I had no idea that raw milk has less lactose! To be able to enjoy a nice glass of milk again...
Honestly, I think the mass paranoia around raw milk is ridiculous. E Coli is found in many things, not just milk. As long as the cow is healthy was milked in sanitary conditions, I'm sure it's fine. I'm very very jealous.

Madeleine said...

Like Ramya, I grew up until the age of 11 drinking raw milk. I grew up during those years in Swizerland and the milkman use to laddle the raw milk into containers we left by the door and picked-up early in the morning. Nothing compares to the taste, yumy. As kids, my 2 brothers and I would scoup up the cream at the top of our cup. Also if you are a yogurt lover, the taste of yogurt is totally different than that of homogenized/pasturized milk which leaves a souerish taste.
I miss it...like Ramya...lots of childhood memories, thanks bethany :}
Oliver (your Oliver) looks so cute

Medbie said...

Warning you against it, eh? How do they think our parents and grandparents and . .. well, you know, managed to survive? *rolls eyes* I switched to soy to get away from all the hormones but would willingly drink raw if it was available. Again, I'm so jealous of your lifestyle. My husband and I dream of moving to a similar lifestyle in a few years!