17 September, 2008

date (lovely)

We love going on dates, and this one was perfect for sure. We went to get Bubble tea (boba tea- ahhhh I love that stuff!!!) and then grabbed our books and laid on a blanket in central park reading (undisturbed) in the middle of the day, it was so nice out and very nice to be able to focus on just one thing :) Then we walked around downtown, using up time, and working up an appetite for our dinner. And what a dinner it would be!!

This was our first visit to Strega, OH STREGA!! This is a pretty new restaurant in Corvallis, and it is (in my book) a five star. The place is impressive, but that isn't enough to sway us to love...the food is amazing. They serve simple foods, tapas style, even if they are not all actually tapas from Spain, they are amazing. All their meat is from local sources, healthy and additive/steroid free (ie gathering together farms and such) . I keep catching myself thinking about the food that we will order next time we go there....which probably won't be for a while, since it is what I would call expensive (but, full on worth it for sure!) The view is pretty, and it would be better later at night when all the lights from the city are aglow.

ps I will state our stand (on meat) again: I don't make meat at home, we don't eat meat at home, but if we go to someone's home we eat what they serve, if we are out at a restaurant we will order it if we want.


Angel said...

What a wonderful date! It must have felt so good laying on the grass reading your books with no distractions! That food looks delicious!!! I am glad you got such a great date with your man.

brad said...

Thanks for the date. That food was so good it almost makes me want to cry.

Angie said...

We haven't gone there yet, I think Andy and I may be in store for a date!