23 February, 2007

debt blogs!?

Ha,ha,heehaws!!! -was my first reaction as I came across the phenomena of "Americans and their debt blogs" in a news article from Spain. I immediately judged them as stupid and unsuccessful...how could something like that work?? what!?
Well, after reading the article called " blogs are a new way Americans control their debt " from Spain's version of yahoo, I decided I would not judge it. why?

I went to a couple of the blogs mentioned in the article such as, Poorer Than You by a some such Stephanie of Rochester, New York. And another one called We’re In Debt and it is run by a couple ( king and queen of debt) who is trying to get out of debt and aiming to help you know if you are in debt, how you got there, how to get help, where to go, which credit cards to use-or not use and on and on. From the blog king of debt offers his warning signs that you may be over your head in debt, debt management tips, and improving finances in a marriage.

Wow, it would seem these people have it all, and know it all, but that is not what these blogs are about. They are about an online community helping each other to be debt-free. That is the goal. The king and queen of debt are just that, in debt and that was the reason they started the blog. They want to be held accountable to whomever reads and comments on the blog and out of guilt or obligation come out of the debt they have submerged themselves in. Seems like it could work right?? It is much more than many Americans are doing to rid themselves of this problem, being that we consumers of the U.S owe more than 2,400 million dollars collectively. yuk!

Here's to the king and queen of debt, who are doing something about it! and here's to debt blogs!

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