20 February, 2007


great man - Moby Thesaurus II by Grady Ward, 1.0 :
64 Moby Thesaurus words for "great man":
VIP, baron, big gun, big man, big name,
bigwig, brass, brass hat, celebrity, constellation,
cynosure, dignitary, dignity, elder, father, figure,
folk hero, galaxy, hero, heroine, idol, immortal,
important person, interests, lion, lords of creation,
luminaries, luminary, magnate, man of mark, master
spirit, mogul, nabob, name, notability, notable,
panjandrum, person of note, person of renown, personage,
personality, pillar of society, pleiad, pop hero,
popular hero, popular idol, power, power elite, public
figure, ruling circle, sachem, social lion, somebody,
something, star, superstar, the great, the top, top
brass, top people, tycoon, very important person,

What does it mean to be great? I guess it really depends on a great what, right? Well, a great person, a great pastor, a great wife, a great man of God. What does it take? What is the difference between a great woman and an ordinary one? I ask myself this because I want to be great, not just decent or mediocre.

I will be honest, many days it is hard for me to get over myself, my selfishness, and focus for even a little time on what is truly most important in life: sitting in God's amazing presence. I know that at certain times and seasons in my life it is easier, and others such as this one it is harder. I could make excuses until each of you were are able to relate to me, but the fact is that there is not an excuse that would matter.

I grew up in an amazing home, with wonderful parents, in a land far, far away (that i still love), I have an awesome husband, two beautiful little boys, and all i could ever really need. Just like for anyone else there have been things that could have held me back, things that I could gripe about, things that could have caused me to stumble or to not go on any further...we all have these things. Each of us has to come to a point where we realize we are not going to let anything hold us back, that what we could do is too important, and then we need to see the victory in all of our circumstances. There is victory in each of our lives when something amazing has happened, but there is far more victory when we have overcome something that was meant to set us back.

so, who is great? who can be great? Any person can be great. Any person in any circumstances has the ability to be great, the lie is that we could not do it for some reason or other, other people can...but we cannot. If you believe that, than it is true that you will not and you cannot be great. The truth is that each of us is called to be great. We are called to walk a line that is hard to walk and not be prideful in it. We are called to give, to forgive, to let others go first and not boast about that. We are called to greatness...a harder kind of greatness even than that of the world around us. A greatness that is many times not admired, it is seen as lacking spine, or letting others walk all over you, but this greatness is the greatest testimony we have.

It is obvious what God calls great.That he who has more power, does not boast or pride himself in that, but always puts other people before himself. But I have just started thinking...and it may seem so obvious to some..but he who is great also has to put God before himself.

As a busy mamma, the focus is so much on my family that it does seem easier to put noisy children before yourself,it is easier to be able to realize that you are not putting your husband before yourself, and it is also easy for me to forget that Jesus should be first, before me, my kids, and my husband...but especially before ME.

yuk. I thought this would end up being a more glorious blog than just a self realization of something that I thought I already knew. But wait!...that is just the story of life, my life at least. When i think i know something really well and have it all down...then the real lessons begin.

( Matt. 23:11) (luke 9:48)

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