27 June, 2007

feist concert

feist played in P-town, and ellyn bought brad and i tickets for his birthday!! yay. we went up with ellyn and andrew, went to sushi, to powells for coffee and then to the chrystall ballroom for the opening act of "grizzly..."..uh....something and then feist. it was fun...the company was way fun too. yay! rock on hendrix!! (that is an inside joke...i think.)

ellyn and bethany

Chrystal ballroom gargoyle
trying to hear

strange picture, really.

people...do this many people in a closed-in environment make you nervous??...they do me. what if there is a stampede?!

ellyn suggested swinging from this chandelier... so that i could actually see.

here's to ellyn for the tickets...and to andrew and ellyn for spending the night with us even though we are sitters and not shovers. we love you.


Ellyn Canfield said...

I love these pictures!
Haha, you may have made a sitter of me ;)
Such a fun night- glad we got to do it. I hear Hendrix is playing with someone later this summer....

Anonymous said...

I'm so jealous! i bet you had a blast. Next time spot by our house. Sounds like a busy night.