11 June, 2007


we have recently been completely addicted to movies here at our bungaree home. Okay, so i figured i would share our likes and dislikes and the variations of likes and dislikes of Brad vs. Bethany.

the Queen is a story of the people, England's royalty, and the prime minister during the difficult time of Dianna's death. we both enjoyed this movie, relating to some characters, and wishing we could understand others...it is a movie of the heart. however being a movie of the heart, it is not sappy or overdone i guess i just liked it. brad did too. we give it a collective 8.5 snaps. we are in good company too since it has a list of nominations and awards that seem endless.

Cars is a great kids movie, and Brad and I enjoyed it as well. I think we will buy this one in a couple years when j can actually sit through a whole two-hour movie. The principles are spectacular and pixar films are getting even better than they were. all of us enjoyed this one.

since j made us all pick our favourite cars i'll share that with you too: I like "Chick Hicks" , Brad hands down loves "Mater", j likes (who else!?) "Lightning McQueen", and o...well, jsays he likes "Doc Hudson"...but we'll update this when he can actualy pic out his own. ha!

So, for reals this film gets a collective 7 snaps...(3.5 each) just an overall beaut.

check it out on wikipedia: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cars_(film) if ya wanna....

Syriana. well we do vary on this one. Brad liked it because it didn't really have a plot, he liked the acting, he liked it. I didn't like it. to me it seemed like it did not allow for character development, you didn't connect with anyone, and if you did they were killed off quickly. i know bad things happen...yes...but to me this movie had no light moments in which to even breathe, and yet it seemed almost boring. so i guess we give it a collective 5 snaps, being that brad gives it his 3 out of 5 and i give it 2 out of 5 .

you can check it out at: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Syrianna

a prairie home companion, has good and bad. no true plot, really, and just a little bit of a behind-the-scenes of the radio show. Brad liked this one, for me it was not a waste of time but it was not very interesting. it is a different type of movie...the aimless type. if you like aimless, odd ones give this a try. it reminded me of that movie "like a mighty wind" or something like that, which i didn't like either. oh well...not good, but not bad.

I give it a 2.5 out of 5 and Brad a 3.5 out of 5 so i guess the math is a collective 6 snaps.

Blood Diamond was an incredible film. the more it settled in the more i thought about the meaning of it. Brad says that since he rates his movies artistically he can only give it 3.5, i say rubbish. I guess i rate my movies on how much the characters bring me into themselves, on how much they make me think, on how deep they go, on character development...so i give this movie 4.5 snaps, for a collective total of 8 snaps. brad is right that it is mainly action, not artistic. jennifer connelly is one of my top5 favourite actors/actresses and she is perfect in this movie. i loved it, brad liked it...rent it! you'll never want another diamond again!

mistress of spices....uhhh. nope this does not win either of us over on heart, mind or artisticness. it is a story of love, an impossible love and an incredibly cheesy list of events. there is somehow on some level a little enchantment of some sort...for that i rate it 2, but Brad rates it an unforgiving 1 for a total of 3 snaps. i love indian films but this one is just to americanised and ends up lacking any sort of flavor. better luck next time. eh?

that is it for now...but i am on my way to the local lebanon Blockbuster and pretty soon i'll have some more to write about. any of you out there better than me at math...you might want to check my addition! (not a joke)

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