26 February, 2009

bungaree choice TV

We don't even have cable, so we get to pick and choose what we let in- and because we don't want to pay for it! Brad and I watch our two shows we love the day after on the computer (The Office and LOST) and we borrow movies and kids dvds from the library.

If the kids LOVE them then we keep that in mind and buy them for them for a birthday or somesuch event. Below I am going to give out our all time favourite titles. Keep in mind that we have little boys, and no little girls...although from the selection that will probably be obvious.

The Classic Films we love most:

http://ec1.images-amazon.com/images/P/B000ICM5T4.01._SCLZZZZZZZ_V41390204_.jpg http://media.movieweb.com/prod/Y/T/Q/DVPj3RQY53bYTQ_l.jpg http://www.premiere.com/var/ezflow_site/storage/images/review/dvd/mary-poppins-45th-anniversary-special-edition/582378-1-eng-US/Mary-Poppins-45th-Anniversary-Special-Edition_medium.jpg http://www.axelmusic.com/resources/covers/7/717951008428.jpg

Modern Films:

The image “http://www.myjdl.com/files/images/cars.jpg” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors. http://www.curiousg.com/ProductImages/dvd%20big.jpg http://images.blockbuster.com/is/bb/title/309061.jpeghttp://www.jimhillmedia.com/mb/images/upload/Ratatouille-DVD-cover-web.jpg

Shows that have the bungaree (and mamma) approval:

http://cover6.cduniverse.com/MuzeVideoArt/78/255478.jpg http://images.contentreserve.com/ImageType-100/1411-1/%7BF2C9CB77-6405-4620-82E3-FF321CE384D2%7DImg100.jpg http://ecx.images-amazon.com/images/P/B0002J4X0C.jpghttp://www.newvideo.com/images/boxart/NNVG107180-03.jpg

I'd love to know which things you find irresistible! Which are your favourite classics that you hope (if you aren't already) to some day share with your kids?


Ti said...

We watch a lot of classic kids tv in our house as we have a channel called Boomerang and that is all they show! My kids watch Popeye and Hanna Barbara cartoons a lot. Lots of old Tom & Jerry too.

As for movies, I love the old live action movies for kids. The Apple Dumpling Gang, Pippi Longstocking, Escape to Witch Mountain. I also love Snow White but my daughter is partial to Sleeping Beauty.

andrew said...

Oh man, Robin Hood was a serious Andrew movie. As was Pete's Dragon, actually. Also, the Jungle Book was a hit when it comes to Disney.

Another hit was Milo and Otis... and as a result, Homeward Bound.

Honestly, I didn't grow up on a lot of TV when I was the boys' age. Mostly it was movies. I can't think of any show other than Sesame St. and Mr. Rodgers that I ever watched.

Concerning cartoons, I was strictly a Loony Toon kid. I hated Tom and Jerry and don't like most Hanna Barbara cartoons. Something about the way they feel has always been off to me. I don;t quite know how to explain why I never liked them, I just didn't.

Sheri said...

Us too! We don't have cable and Warren and I just finished watching Lost on the computer. (and we also wait for Office)

Haven't seen most of these movies but I have all grandsons so it's an interesting pick when I go for the next purchase for them.

Good talking with you on Tues!

Trish said...

Bednobs and broomsticks! I loved that movie when I was little--have you seen it? I also loved Pete's Dragon and Mary Poppins. And any type of musical!

We just watched Wall-E the other day and I'm in love with it. That little guy is so darn cute. Evvvvvvvv-A :)

Matt Sabo said...

Robin Hood is an excellent selection. One of my faves. Where's Hoodwinked? And how come Nacho Libre didn't make this list?

holly said...

love these. we have DirecTV w/ Tivo which is good because we can record and avoid commercials and other junk, but I hate that we pay so much for things we can get at blockbuster or netflix. Can't we get alacarte TV channels??

We are big LOST fans too. It's serious business if one of us cheats and watches without the other! : ) Have you read J Wood's blog on Powell's ? Excellent angle. He's been out with health issues of late, but here's the link http://www.powells.com/blog/?author=104