11 February, 2009

a rainy day in


Dar said...

You know I don't always comment but it sure does my heart good to see your happy little boys when you post pics!

Corinne said...

The colored blocks are such a cheery edition to the play. I think I have a new idea for a boy's 4th birthday in June :)

bethany said...

dar- oh, thanks! I love seeing the happy (believe me it isn't always the case :). I am so glad you enjoy the pictures.

Corinne- I have been really impressed with them. I think they are called Brio. I got them for the boys with some birthday money last year from my grandpa. They are really good quality, wooden and painted really nicely. I really think they are worth it. The natural wood ones and the rest (all but the really bright ones) are finds from goodwill!! Oh, we love looking for good blocks there! I have found steals! Anyway, yes they are a hit!