12 November, 2008

Calvary Corvallis Women, the passion is ON!!!

You have heard me talk about Living Water International here (yes, many times). But I just couldn't NOT share with you what is happening.

This is BIG, this is so thrilling to be apart of! Calvary Chapel here in Corvallis is going to give to Living Water International. It is the women who are getting involved. God is good and he will guide, I just am so excited to be on board!!!!! We all are bringing in our few fish and loves, and God will make it many. We have no idea where this will lead, but we know we are being obedient and that is all He asks, the rest will follow.

ps. I just made this logo for it. I SO love dinking around with photo editing software!!


Alyce said...

Bethany, I actually live in Independence, and I go to the Calvary Chapel here.

My husband is a computer programmer librarian and just got promoted to the position of Gray Chair at the library at OSU. We're planning on moving to Corvallis sometime in the next year.

The book club sounds like a lot of fun, and I would like more information about it. The only book clubs I've been a part of are online. I might not be able to participate right away, but I'm definitely interested.

Angel said...

Wow, that is great!
I love the logo you made!