05 November, 2008

Obama, My President


I didn't vote for Obama, and I do not regret my choice. I don't stand where he does on moral issues, so I couldn't vote for him. However, as much as I would like this to be a rant post, I will steer away from a sore losers post, for one reason. The reason being that America just elected its first African American President!!! No matter who you voted for that should excite you. I am in awe that this happened. This is historical because for the first time ever in the United States of America, an African American will be our president, the leader of us all.

Now that he is my president, he is my leader. What I can do now is more powerful than my vote, it is to pray, pray, PRAY. Pray that he leads this nation to a place of higher ground, pray that he would be the best leader that he can, pray that the faith that he has will be magnified and he would rise up on the moral issues, that he would use his gift of charisma and youth for the glory of God. It would be hard for any man to lead the U.S. towards God, even harder when that is not where the man himself is headed. Pray that God will alter the direction of Obama. Pray hard. Things can change, have faith, Obama believed it, look where it got him!



Anonymous said...

I really like your Spirit B!
it is awesome.. lets Pray - that he brings about the change he has promised!
and yep - this is an historical win!

Hopefully it will all be good- and the market will become good - and our jobs will be safe .. :) i pray for that!

But the only thing i pray is - he doesn't stop all the outsourcing :( i would lose my job if he does!

Angel said...

I agree that we should pray for him.

MamaP said...

Amen Bethany!

Heather said...

Yes, lots of prayer. Well said.

Trish said...

This was a very bittersweet election for me as well and I really hope that our country can mend and become less divided. There have been a lot of race riots down here and Texas and it breaks my heart--especially since this is all while he is only president-elect and hasn't even been sworn in yet. I think the country could use a lot of prayer right now.

bethany said...

veens- thanks, you are a sweetie!

I had no idea you worked for a company that was outsourced. I pray too that you don't loose your job.

Blessings to you!

angel- for sure.

paris- :)

Heather- I know that we should always pray for our nation, but sometimes it is much easier to remember than others! :)

Trish- I had no idea!!! We don't have TV. I guess I was naive to think that wouldn't happen, but horrified that it is :(
What is the general sentiment there?

Doty Family said...

I love what you have to say! It is refreshing to see this point of view. I am also in awe of what has just happened.

Trish said...

I started to write a big long comment but was at work and didn't get to finish it. :( This happened at a private Baptist school where there are 93% white students. Not that that should matter, but some Texans are really stuck in their ways. We are a really conservative state and known for being RED. Where I live, though, the voting was more reflective of the rest of the country. Things have certainly calmed down, though, and I haven't heard of anything awful happening since that night. I think now more than ever people need to unite.