29 November, 2008

grilled cheese and sunflower sprouts

Have you ever eaten sunflower sprouts!? They are so good. We two bags of them at the saturday market and we at them all. I used them on salads, as a type of veggie treat, I love eating them straight out of the bag. They are soft and crunchy when you bite into them, they have the nutty taste of sunflower seeds.

This was one of my favourite lunches. There is a trick to getting super nice grilled cheeze sandwiches. I was skeptical until I took a bite, now I will never go back.

Agnes' grilled cheese

two slices of homemade bread for each sandwich
spread mayo (yes it is amazing!) on one side of each slice and put it on your griddle or pan
spread mayo on the other side while the first side cooks
put cheese on right after you flip

bethany's note:

Right before I am ready to take put the top on I put a handful of sunflower sprouts on top of the cheese then close up the sandwich. You have to be careful not to get the sprouts too hot or they aren't as fresh and crisp.

And there you have it, a generational combo that is worthy of an amazing lunch.

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Anonymous said...

it looks sooo good and yummy! u make bread by yur own self - thats soo soo good :)