11 March, 2009

B&b: Weekend in Portland, Oregon.

We had an excellent weekend, B and I went to India Palace on our way up to Portland. India Palace is the best Indian food I have eaten, and it is such a pleasure to eat cutlery free! It is our rule that when we go there, not utensils. B resisted at first, but then since he realized that silly things like this make me happy, he does it too. I must say that I am Indian food obsessed.

Portland, at night.

Our Hotel, Hotel Fifty.

Powell's on Burnside, delightfully bookish.

Wild Abandon Restaurant, oh this was a hidden gem! Ya gotta go there, every single dish was created in beauty and so tasty our mouths could hardly savor it well enough.

Floyd's Coffee Shop, in Old Town Portland. I love Old Town, so much better than the other areas, it isn't trendy and uppity. We sat down and quietly enjoyed booking and typing.

Chopsticks on Hawthorn, such a sweet place. I am especially fond of the owner lady. I made it a point to ask which delicious tea she was serving. She beamed as she told us that it was Lotus Flower. We commented on how much we loved it as well. When we were standing up, getting our coats on she brought us tall to go cups filled up with Lotus Flower Tea, "For you to take, it is cold and raining outside. I hope you like". Oh, and like we did.

Powell's on Hawthorne, the smaller and cozier and (in my opinion) better of the two Powell's. It isn't that I don't love the grandeur of the Powell's on Burnside, but it is always busier and this one, well it just is more manageable of a size, at least for small town folk such as ourselves. I must say though, if you go to see a Powell's, you HAVE to see the bigger one (Powell's on Burnside), it is just so shockingly cool. Just as big and exciting as a theme park!

Portland, we did have fun with you, however we are glad to be in our small little Corvallis now though, less people, no homeless men screaming at me, not as trendy, not as cool, not as big. But for now, home.

Thanks B, it was an amazing weekend, perfect!


Beth F said...

How fun!! And you are just too cute!! I used to live in Eugene and that was generally big enough for me.

Ti said...

What a great post. Makes me want to visit again in the near future. Those restaurants looked really good too.

Ramya said...

awesome pictures!:) and yes.. you do get the true taste of indian food only when you use your fingers!:)
you guys should visit me sometime.. I'll cook indian food for you!:)

Ellyn Canfield said...

Yay, I've been wanting to see some pics. And India Palace- good memories. Andrew's parents will be here next week and I am hoping I can talk them into an Indian place I've been wanting to go to.

Glad you guys got to have such a fun weekend, it looks lovely!


Angel said...

I was wondering where you had been!! I am so glad you and B had a nice weekend away together!! Sounds like you had some yummy treats and quality time together!

Trish said...

Bethany - you take the most beautiful pictures! When you upload them onto your computer, which program do you use for editing and such? I love the warm tones--such a cozy feeling it creates!

Anyway, glad you had a great little getaway! Sounds perfect (and looks yummy!!! goodness!!).

holly said...

sounds like a lovely get away. I'll have to try some of those restaurants next time Matt and I get a day in Portland kid-free.