23 March, 2009

¡Vamos a ESPAÑA!

We are going to visit my parents in Zamora, Spain. In 166 days, we (yes, all of us- not the cats or the chickens though) will be headed to Spain (¡VIVA ESPAÑA!) to relieve my homesickness and share my country with the boys, and to visit my parents. We think Jackson will be able to remember this visit better than his first (as he was only 2 months old) Oliver, well I don't think He'll remember, but it is possible I guess. We just got our tickets and now need to work on the passports and other documentation in order to head over. We will be there for 17 days!

The boys are very excited, they have been begging to go (even though they don;t have any idea of what they are talking about) for a long time. After we set a date, I made a chain, yes it is an eternally long chain but I made it because daily Oliver and Jackson would ask me: " Are we going to the Spain after naps?" So thus the calendar chain. Each day at breakfast the boys take turns riping off a loop.

We can all barely contain our excitement...but we will need to for 166 more days!


Angel said...

We are very excited for you!!

JuRita said...

Bethany I so LOVE your creativity! I am inspired every time I visit your blog :) Pictures everything. I want to get back into photography. Excited for you and your trip!

Tammy said...

Love the calendar chain idea! What a great way to give kids some tangible way to tell if it's almost time for something. And I'm so jealous of your trip, it sounds wonderful. I've never been anyway and I'm dying to use my passport!!

bethany said...

Angel- Thanks :) I wish you guys got to go for Ross' days...there is always next year, or sooner I guess.

JuRita-Thank you so much for commenting, I really enjoy doing stuff with the boys and it is even more fun to post the ideas and share them around. It really is encouraging to hear from you :) Yes, you SHOULD get into photography again!! And start up a photo blog. I do most of the pictures because my whole family lives all around the world, my parents in Spain, my brother and his family in LA and my mom's relatives in New Jersey, Brad's sister lives in New York, and my aunt lives in Nevada....yep we are dispersed really good, ain't we. So that is why I started, but it is just so fun!!!

Tammy- Oh, thanks! yes, the kids get it so much better than anything else. I went back and forth between making it now since it would be so long...but immediately once I made it I knew I made the right choice since they stopped asking every couple of hours if "after naps" or "in the morning" we were going to Spain yet? It has worked for us! Oh, and they can't wait to get their turn to take links off. I am enjoying it just as much. :)

Ramya said...

YAYYYYYY!!!:) I remember we talked about visiting our hometowns a while ago.. 166 days... is that around aug/sept? I am going back to India for a vaccation in November..and I am excited about that! I love your calendar rings idea! You are the most creative person I've seen!

Corinne said...

I am a BIG fan of chains - and what a perfect excuse! I think in this case I'd need the chain as much as my kids :)

I'm so thrilled with you and I can't wait to follow along vicariously :)

bethany said...

Ramya- Yes, I know!! It is so cool that you get to go in November!! If I remember you went in November last year too. Do you do that every year? That is awesome. I want to visit more often...it is soooo expensive though, that is the only reason we don't.

Thank you.You are too sweet friend :)

Corinne- Yes, aren't they great!? Christmas would be another excellent time for kiddos to have calendar/advent type chains. It also saves the parents of the constant questioning!!

I will take tons of pictures, and I promise to allow following along to be VERY easy to do!! I can't wait to get some SPAIN pictures up on my blog!