20 March, 2009

warm, chocolate filled tummies

A treat at our house is Mexican Chocolate, it is the stuff that makes you feel like you are special, warm and that your belly is filled with cinnamon, chocolate and milk. It is not something we take lightly here, it is a treat. I think I made it that way. Oh, no doubt that I would love to drink it all day long, but it is a little hassle as you need to get a big pot (depending on how gluttonous you are feeling) and a blender. No biggie for you? Well, I am not fond of doing dishes all day, maybe it is just me.

The boys have been asking for this tummy warming delight lately, and this week we have indulged multiple times. Oh, it is really worth every dish washing second!

How you do it:
*Heat milk in a pot on the stove (don't boil).
*pour hot milk and Ibarra (or other brand) Mexican chocolate in blender.
(2 segments per cup of milk)
*blend until completely mixed and foamy.

For some reason we enjoy it with tortilla chips, the boys think this is actually the way it is supposed to be done, they dip the chips in the hot chocolate as it cools.

What is your favourite tummy warming treat??

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