24 March, 2009



My little Jackson dude, is getting older! We started last year because he said he wanted to learn to read, but it really was stressful and he was soooo bored (and I was about to strangle something). I was having a hard time not being patient and so reluctantly (for me NOT for him) we put it on hold for, well about 4 months I guess. Now he is blazing through it easily. It was so worth it for the sanity of both of us to wait.

Since we are going to homeschool I had just decided that I would wait for a while to bust out the reading book again later on- that it didn't matter if he was 5 or 6, but just that he learned to read while enjoying it. Today he asked me to teach him to read again, and I decided to give it another try. It was a piece of cake! I debated between starting over in the book and picking up just where we left off, I ended up just starting where we left off knowing that at any point if it was too hard, or he didn't remember I'd just go back. There was no need. He remembered.

I want to recommend this book if you are going to homeschool, or would rather teach your kiddo to read than have a school do it. It is called Teach Your Child To Read in 100 Easy Lessons, it was highly recommended by several families (team Sabo with 12 kids included). It not only covers learning to read phonetically, but also learning to write at the same time. We are pretty lax on the writing, since jackson has always loved to "draw" his letters, that is what is good about all this....we do it when the individual child is ready! No worries though, I promise that if a love of math never develops...it is just something that we must all do our time with! :)

I have to say there were several moments of tears filling my eyes. First, when he remembered so much from before, and second when he read all by himself: "See. Me. Read.(pause) SEE ME READ!!!!" and then he just beamed. I loved being able to be there for that!

What are some must haves that you use for homeschooling? Make sure you let me know, I'd love to check them out.


Corinne said...

That is FANTASTIC friend. So cool. I'm going to recommend this book to a friend :)

Angel said...

Great job Jackson and Bethany!!

bethany said...

Corinne-Thank you! Yes, you really should.

Angel- THANK YOU!! We are very excited :)

Madeleine said...

This is wonderful! Love to see Jackson involved in his book. I had so much fun when I was a child reading, my mother was a big reader and her dad, my grandfather who always stole my books, nice memories :)

bethany said...

Madeline- Yes, parents who read out of habit are a great inspiration for sure! That is so cool that your grandfather would read your books :) Thanks for sharing your memories!