24 March, 2009


I love daffodils, mostly because when they show it means spring is here. There you go, spring is has sprung. The rain has too, but at least it is warmer.

I have many favourte flowers though...jasmine (the smell, amazing) among them, oh and hydrangea, daisies...you know all the pretty ones.

What are your favourite flowers? What flowers are symbolic to you?


Matt Sabo said...

Just thought I'd let you know that this weekend is the annual Daffodil Festival in Gloucester, Va. We go to it every year ... except maybe this year. You'd love it. So would Brad.

Ramya said...

i used to love white daisies when I was a kid.. It reflected my shy nature then.. As I grew up I became more outgoing and these days I find myself loving bright and sunny flowers - daffodils and sunflowers are on the top of my list now..:)

bethany said...

Matt-HAHA! Yep :) Since you are into flower festivals, I think there is a tulip one here! You may have to stick around after June though...huh.

Ramya-I know daisies are so sweet! I love sunflowers, and POPPIES! Poppies remind me of Spain, the red ones...beautiful.