14 March, 2008

bungaree speak

we had some friends over the other day, here is the discussion amongst them, and me.

b: did you know that adrianne's daddy is a firefighter?!

emily(next door neighbor): my daddy is too!

b: wow! (I know that this is not true...but whatever.)

j: well, uhhh...my dad is a cowboy or something...

b: haheeehheh...is that what you think, jackson?

j: yeah.

b: well he might seem like a cowboy, but he is actually a buisness man.

j: oh, I like that...a busy-man.


jonah and becky lang said...

oh, the things they say! so funny!
Adrianne would like Makayla to be your neighbor so we can all go through the special gate to the swimming "cool".

Angel said...

I read this to Ross and we were both laughing. thanks for sharing. Our nephew is so cute.=)

bethany said...

hahah...glad you liked it! he says the silliest things, I am going to make a habit of getting them down here when he does!