03 March, 2008

i'd be a japanese hippie

notice: this is not any weird religion I am currently joining, and I do not believe in karma or reincarnation. I just sometimes think of things like these...and how life could have been different depending on when and where I was born and where I lived and grew up. So, take this as that only, and nothing else...okay.

Do you ever feel like you were not born in the right country!? What about the right generation!? If you could tell God (and your parents, and maybe your grandparents) the way you wanted things...what would that look like. I am not completely serious...so please chill. Here is an example, I'll use myself as an example for what I am talking about:

A DIRTY Hippie!
Sometimes I feel like I am too different than those living right now. I am not for conforming, or blending with what is acceptable. I know there are people like that now, but I relate more to the hippie types than the indie kids or hipsters or others of this day. I would have liked to grow up in the late sixties! I would have wanted to be part of the Jesus Movement, and getting all these dirties saved! (me among them obviously!) I am intrigued by the dreams of that day, the passion that was lived with, and the changes they made that we still reap the benefits of. I want a genuine movement of down-to-earth passionate zeal, and a people that is not afraid of anything, or too dignified to love anyone.

Japanese !
Sometimes I feel like I should have been born in Japan, and Japanese. I don't know...it is mostly an infatuation with that culture, also the joys of that people. I love the little tiny food compartments and gadgets they have.Their products are cute and itsy. Another reason is that I am small and have a really tiny body structure, which would fit in so much better there. I should have been born Japanese, then I would have learned one of the most complex languages from birth, and would have moved to the US to learn a language that is much easier. Then I could read kanji!

Those are my two, what are yours?! Maybe I am strange and you never think of these things. But, now you can start hahaha!!


Amy said...

Hi Bethany,
Thanks for visiting my site. You asked my secret for being able to participate in so many challenges. I learned it from tons of other challenge addicts in blog land.

Overlap. I try not to sign up for any challenges that would require me to add any new books but rather fit the books I already have scheduled into the challenges. If I can't fit them, I don't join the challenge as I am already quite overextended as it is. :)
Hope that helps!


Jadah said...

So you are afraid of Eugene WHY?????

bethany said...

i have never been "afraid" of eugene. But like I said...I would have liked to live in the hippie days...but they are long past, before there was a goal, it was a season...people should now try and get jobs.