24 March, 2008

Spider Kills Two Rats!!

one yesterday, another one today...our little kitty spider is an avid killer and there is nothing that can stop her. not even me, our 7 foot fence or the little rats that she is finding. I am not sure where they are coming from, and really am not to worried about it since they won't exist very soon anyway. I am bragging. We have the best hunting cat I have ever seen or heard of.

At our old house she caught many, MANY birds...which actually kind-of made me sad...but she also caught three moles (little ones to large ones), a bat, and trillions of flowers in the spring (she would leave them on the door mat, or bring them through the cat door, she would then yawl loudly until I'd come to see what her latest gift was). So, because of all this, it wasn't surprising when she was prancing around for over 6 hours taunting this young rat. She started before j's birthday party and continued way after. The amazing part to me is both of the rats that we have found, have no puncture wounds at all (that I can see) they look like they died of natural causes...maybe eventually she gave them a heart attack or something. okay...this is starting to get pretty morbid...I just wanted you to know what an amazing killer cat we have at our house. So: BEWARE KILLER GUARD CAT!

I will spare you pictures of beheaded birds...but I do have some.

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Angel said...

I might consider getting a cat if I knew it was a killer like spider! I would want it to kill the neighborhood moles that rip up the yards....oh those things drive me nuts! I hate rats too....luckily, I don't have any around that need to be gone...or none that I know of....maybe the neighbor's cat is already getting them...=)