02 April, 2009

Curried Egg Salad Delight

Oh, this was delicious it got two thumbs up from us all. I am trying to work on using up more and more eggs and this recipe was perfect for using up tons, while at the same time being extremely scrumptious.

I tend to just dump stuff into my recipes and it is hard for me to remember that if I want to put it up here I need to measure things out. Yes, I am the "handful of this" and "this much of that" type.

For this recipe I followed two recipes I searched for: how to make perfect hardboiled eggs and Curried Egg Salad. However I never follow a recipe right, and I made some amendments.

Curried Egg Salad Delight (for egg salad sandwiches)

15 hardboiled eggs
1 Tablespoon curry powder (add more to taste)
salt to taste
pepper to taste
1 cup plain organic yogurt (more if it seems dry)
small jar of bread and butter pickles (I used some of our homemade ones)
one red onion chopped
handful of minced chives

So for the updo, you boil the eggs (with this recipe) and then peel when they are done. Dump all of the ingredients in together as you stir be sure to get the eggs all good and chunked. Don't get them too mushy- a good egg salad needs that texture.

When I made this I used well over 20 eggs. I mean we have tons of them anyway so why not? Now they are all cooked up into something that we can just eat quick and it is very good too. I am not huge mayo lover, and with all the eggs it seems like over- kill. I wondered if the yogurt would give it a strange flavor but I can't taste it at all.

Be sure and let me know how yours turns out!


Angel said...

Looks good! I will try this for sure! Glad you found a great way to use your eggs!
I forgot to tell you...I think, but I made your recipe of Spanish Tortilla and it turned out great! Ross was very happy too!

bethany said...

Angel- Yay! I am so glad it turned out good!!

And this recipe, it is SO yummy.