04 April, 2009

view from the top bunk

I am guessing most of us haven't been up on a bunk bed for a while. I got up in Jackson's bed and took some shots of what the room looks like from there. It is pretty cool up on the top bunk! I always begged for the top bunk when I went places. Which was your favourite, are you a bottom bunk person or a top bunk? Do you remember the triple deckers at camp, or was that just my camp!?


Alyce said...

I remember the triple decker bunks at camp too, and I was always a bottom bunk girl. The top bunks didn't have rails. When one of the girls from another cabin fell out of the top bunk in the middle of the night, breaking her arm, I felt justified in my fear of the top bunk. :)

bethany said...

Alyce- yes I remember people falling off the top too!! That would be scary. I didn't ever fall off though.