13 April, 2009

our cats





JuRita said...

...purrfection :) very nice

Shelley said...

Bethany, I love your photography of your boys, the chickens and the cats. You have the gift.
Love, Shelley

Trish said...

I think if I could steal any of them, I'd steal Spider. Of course I wouldn't steal them...maybe just borrow?? :) Such beauties.

bethany said...

JuRita- Thank you!! I love my cats, can you tell??? :)

Shelley- thanks So much for stopping by and checking things out, I hope you'll come back often :) It was sure nice of you to visit!

Trish- Spider is awesome, she is our most cat-like of them all, but she is still a lap cat when she is feeling it. I know you love cats. I know you have one, do you have more than that?? Thanks for coming by friend :)

Trish said...

Just Maggie. And Lexi, the dog. I don't think my husband could handle more than that! :)

bethany said...

Trish- Maggie is like a short haired version of Spider though! she is really cute. I love that you have her on your blog sidebars :) Cats and reading really must go hand in hand.