07 April, 2009

fruity baby hat

This weekend I got to go to a sweet little gathering in honour of Becky, in expectation of her little baby girl. I love making things for showers and such (if I am feeling crafty). I used the same pattern that I used for the hat for Baby G (my niece) and loved it the second time around just as much as the first! I made this hat a little bigger I think, I was guessing it would not be so good for spring. So I made it in the 6-12 mo size.

I got this pattern off of Ravelry, here is the link directly to it:
fruit hat pattern


Sheri said...

that is so cute! Great job.

bethany said...

Sheri- Thank you!! These are so fun to make.

jonah and becky lang said...

Bethany- Thanks so much for the lovely hat. It is the perfect gift! I can't wait to see Charlotte in it. BTW, can you believe that I am commenting...An Easter miracle, our internet at home is finally on!

bethany said...

Becky- I am overjoyed that you like it and I hope that Charlotte does as well :) Yes, it really is hard to believe that you are back online...it has been a long time friend! (way too long)