10 April, 2009

Read-A-Thon: Reading for Clean Water II


I am again, like a gnat attracted to light heading right smack into the next read-a-thon which is next Saturday (the 18th of April)! And since I have tried it while reading for a charity and while not, I know that what is even better than reading is reading with a purpose. My purpose during this read-a-thon is going to be again, reading for clean water internationally. I searched other charities and this still is the one that seems to ring the loudest in my heart.

The other ones are all good and necessary, but I want to bring clean drinking water to more and more people around the world. I can't imagine knowing that I am drinking water infested with cholera and having family members die and still drinking that same water! I can't imagine not having any other source other than sludge to drink from! Just because I cannot imagine it I know I am hugely blessed, and that is why I want to pour out clean water on others worldwide through this read-a-thon.


The charity is called Living Water International and I promise I have done my homework and I have worked with them before as well. I have nothing but amazing reports. Also if you want to donate, you are welcome to do so. I will get a widget up on the sidebar there and have it there as a convenience in case you want to help support bringing clean water worldwide. In no way do you need to feel that I expect anything of you, I don't but if you want to give than I will do a somersault just for you! Thanks to my readers and family during the last read-a-thon we raised $210.16 last time.

I also said at the beginning of the year that I am personally going to donate $1 per book I read this year, so I will be sure to honour that as well and pay up during the read-a-thon. I already owe $35!!

Think about how you would like to support Living Water International, you could do a set amount, a price per book (last read-a-thon I did $5 per book and many of you joined me on that, even busting out up to $20 per book!!) or you could donate per page. I think this time I myself am going to donate per page, since some books are longer and some shorter I think per page is a little more accurate of a count.

To give you an idea last time I read 933 pages. I was dying to crack 1000 but didn't quite make it :( this time I am shooting for 1000. I read 4 books last time and made it most of the way through my 5th, but didn't quite get there. You see, reading for 24 hours straight sounds like a lot of fun (oh, and it really is!!) but when you have been reading for so long your eyes dry out and you start to drift.

What do you think? Do you want to do the read-a-thon? Consider supporting Living Water International too! Or do you want to support the cause? You can either comment below, click on the firstgiving widget (directly below) or send me an email and make a pledge.

More information:

I did a third party search of this charity, and it gets amazing results on Charity Navigator.
If you want more info on why this charity is important: Reading for Clean Water I
Want to sign up for the read-a-thon too???

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All during this event on Saturday the 18th I will have fun updates on what I am reading. You will have to go to my B&b ex libris to check out my progress.

ps. I did not take any of these pictures, it is probably obvious, but just in case, know that I am not taking credit for them :)


Ellyn Canfield said...

Yay! I was just thinking I hadn't seen a blog post from you for awhile. I depend on them for my study time breaks :)

So proud of you for doing this again!

bethany said...

Ellyn- yep I am on the read-a-thon bandwagon again!! And back to posting as well :) Glad you enjoy the posts yo.