16 April, 2009

Susan Boyle: I dreamed a dream.

Susan Boyle- the little gem of Blackburn, Scotland has made me cry every time I watch her. It is her voice, her song, the critics skepticism and her heart. I don't jump on bandwagons that easily but this is a bandwagon I ran too, not able to stop myself. You have to check it out, check out her performance, they mock her, and Simon rolls his eyes at her, asks her her age and they scoff - then they watch her sing and their mouths drop, not even Simon in all his grouchiness can stop grinning- she is outstanding!!

Britain's Got Talent Susan Boyle performance (you MUST see it!):

EMBED-Susan Boyle Stuns Crowd with Epic Singing - Watch more free videos

These are two interviews with CBS after:

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For me her song has really struck a chord, I don't really know how or why other than she definitely has emotion behind her words. Personally I don't care about the show, I don't care about the winner- I stopped watching American Idol a while ago, they only want teen idols who fit the mold. This gal, Susan Boyle breaks the mold in every which way. I am rooting for you Susan! :)


Meghan said...

She's awesome! I saw the video yesterday. I'm going to be voting for her. We always need people to break our expectations into little tiny bits, I think.

- Meghan @ Medieval Bookworm

bethany said...

Meghan- I know! That is so true. Expectations are junk anyway :)

You are so lucky you can vote for her, we here will just be standing by. I don't know if I can even watch British Idol. Do you know? huh.

Ellyn Canfield said...

I watched this like 8 times yesterday! I know what you mean, I found myself somehow caught up in it- it's irresistible to watch people just admit that something is amazing for no culturally expected reason.

bethany said...

ellyn- I know!! I did too. There really is something, a unique gift that she has to move people.

Laura.AdaptiveBlue said...

I love her!! It must have taken so much courage for her to do this, and then to get such a great response! Her life is taking a turn for the better 47...Yah Susan!! :)

bethany said...

Ha! thanks for coming by :)

Yeah, I know!She is awesome!! I just hope she stays the way she is now after we have all fallen in love with her. Fame is hard to cope with.

Alyce said...

I had seen bits and pieces of this on tv, but this is the first time I've seen it all the way through. I absolutely loved the part where everyone's jaws drop and then they give her a standing ovation (and she's only sung just the first line of the song). Totally awesome!

Shelley said...

It's great to see someone who has heart and passion. I don't watch the show at all. But I have heard about Susan. She has made a difference in music. I think it's great she doesn't fit the typical type cast. She is who God created her to be and that is a good thing.