28 February, 2008

giftless birthday blessings?!

Jackson is next (on the 22nd of March) then me and then Oliver on the 20th of April...it gets a little crazy. We also have a lot of friends with birthdays in the next couple months. I am really trying to figure out what we are going to do this year. I have looked into ECHOage , and Birthdays without pressure and I have read articles in which parents spend $38,000 on A birthday party!!! Insanity! and all these kids already have so much. too much, as far as possessions go. I may be in the middle of both ideas, but I don't know yet. I am trying to decide, but kids always get so much...and much they forget and don't play with very soon after the party. Also, I would just like to invite people and not feel like they feel the need to bring anything at all.

Wouldn't it be so much more special if the child felt honoured by someone's presence rather than the gifts they bring?? I know kids can be greedy, and I know it is human nature...but do we contribute by how much we indulge that craving for more?

What about investing in 529 plans (For Saving for College)??

Do you have any suggestions of other sites or ideas you have tried or heard of?? I am interested.


jonah and becky lang said...

I know the feeling...I've heard of people having book parties or parties where all the gifts go to needy kids.

Keep in mind too that a birthday party for your kid is a great time for me to teach my own kids that someone else is special and precious and that we honor others on their special day. I like that about attending kid birthdays. My daughters get to celebrate their friends but also know that they too will get a turn.
But then theres the too much stuff trouble...hmmmm.

Angel said...

I think it is so much fun for kids to get spoiled on their special day! Not 38k spoiled, but you know, have a party in honor of them. I like what Becky said about how it is a great opportunity to teach our own kids about giving to other kids and celebrating their friends. There is always a good balance....like if you know that they child will be getting lots of gifts from friends and family, then the parents can do something that doesn't involve a materialistic gift....maybe gift of time. Just my thoughts.

Jadah said...

I think that investing in people is the greatest gift we can teach our kids. That is what Jesus did. Plus food is always great too :)