06 February, 2008

VOTE! vote for a human.

Did you know that we youngsters are expected to really actually vote this time around! Did you know that usually we don't, that usually we have a lot to say about the way things should be run, but we don't do our part in seeing that we wouldn't have to complain any longer.

Who will make the difference, who will lead the way that one should lead a nation? Who will give more than he/she as to lead the way we insatiables expect. We don't expect a man or a woman to lead this nation...that is why we are constantly let down, we are so excited about Super Tuesday because all the candidates put on their best shoes and their prettiest faces and head on over to make us be charmed into loving them, into submission. But the real problem is that we don't want to follow a mere man/woman...we want a super person....one with no faults, no blind spots, no personal problems, that always says the right thing, always argues the best, always leads the way we want them to, always looks nice, always makes their kids behave, always worth us looking up to, always unwavering, always happy, always our puppet.

The problem is that there are too many billion people here in this nation, that there are too many perfects, that their are too many people who would want their leader to do the opposite of what we would choose. I'll tell you now, no leader that is elected will be hero worthy. Our current president is not, the next one will not be either...we are expecting things that they cannot give. Sure "promises are made and should be kept" is the war cry of so many who are annoyed with candidates and their vows to change this and that and then never change a thing. But aren't we the ones who expect them to make promises, we want big promises, promises that they will treat us right, that our lives will be better, easier, things will be more peaceful, we will all be able to afford going to the doctor....but they can't meet this. They shouldn't promise what they can't keep...but we should not beg of them to make them, when they have no idea how it will happen. Let's allow them to be real, to be honest, to be people instead of perfect. We are a blood-sucking nation, we require so much more than ever possible...and when it is not met we sit on our wealthy white butts and complain, complain, complain. What about worrying about the people who really do need help? What about doing something about it ourselves? This is not a one-man-show. You want change? Change it.

I think there would be a lot fewer people let down if they realized that the president is not some holy entity. Faults will be found, mistakes made and re-made, our personal goals will not be looked after....but truthfully being the president of the United Sates is the most horrible job description I could ever think of. I would not will it on anyone.

peace out homies...keep it peaceful out there all you Clinton, Obama, McCain, Hukabee, Romney enthusiasts...keep it peaceful.

PS the thing that I do think is the most excellent is something my sis ellyn mentions in her blog (see sidebar if you want to head there) That FINALY we have a woman and a minority in the run...this should happened long, long ago. I am at least greatful that it has happened now.


Ellyn Canfield said...

Good post , b. And I really like the picture of the cutie senior citizens voting. for my internship I went to senior citizen centers to sign people up for free rides to the polls- it was amazing.

Anonymous said...

It's Obama not Osama...