22 February, 2008

goodwill, canned food outlet, and winco

We are moving in, we have moved in, it is great.

We moved and got rid of internet and got new internet, and such. It is great to be online again; I can attest that I have been having withdrawals. Serious withdrawals. It too way to long to get things working right, a technician had to come to the house. But I am currently getting my fix, and feel pretty calm and content to sit staring at the bright screen.

I have alphabetized my books, we don’t have a ton but it did take a while. It is really neat because now we see all the ones that we want to read again, since the book shelves are placed in the living room. I have that room set up for reading, and it seems it has worked well so far! I put lights all around directed at the seating, and it is a joy to sit in there. There is a gas fireplace, and it is a pretty cozy and warm environment.

We were going to have the boys share a room, but it didn’t work out too well for the sleeping part of it. They played really well, all day and long into the night, jumping on the beds, singing songs, and really just proving that they were not ready to do it yet. Not yet, but soon. Jackson will be 4 years old next month and Oliver will be 2 in April. We’ll probably hold off for a year or so.

I have been trying to keep myself out of the book sections in Goodwill, the Arc and other such cheap-book-finding locations. I have talked myself out of trillions must-haves and have bought many of them as well. Oh, it is so fun to find good deals on books!!

The boys and I have had too much fun at the library too. We got to go to story hour a couple of days ago, it was crowded, and so we really weren’t able to see very well. I am really excited about the bilingual story time that they hold there, we’ll have to try it.

Groceries, we all need them. I have fallen in love all-over-again with WinCo, but even better than WinCo is the Canned Food outlet!! Oh, my…it is nice to see prices so low. We have had a good time there.

Well, I do miss Lebanon…mostly the people we know over there, but I am enjoying Corvallis and what it has to offer.


jonah and becky lang said...

Lebanon misses you. Well, I don't know if it knows it does or not...but I miss you terribly. I am really glad that you got your internet going so I can see your posts and know that you are not that far. Looking forward to dinner tomorrow with our hubby's!

Ellyn Canfield said...

AH! you guys are in Corvallis! Sorry I couldn't be there to help...
Have so much fun re-discoving new places. HAve you found that rock climbing wall yet??
I miss you, b!