13 February, 2008

want to do a book challenge?! tell me about it!

Since there is some interest and so I'll spill the sites that I have found (mostly on other book blogger's pages as my new book buddy Trish ). I will let all my friends know about them too. It isn't nice to hoard anything good, right!?

Here are the things I have discovered so far:

There is a Book Awards Reading Challenge (Which Trisha would probably be interested in!) They have Newbury, Pulitzer, Booker and the Nobel...you can choose a challenge or do them all!!!!

If you are a lover of long saga-esk books, try the Chunkster Challenge 2008
You are supposed to read at least 4 books that are over 450 pages each. I choose to do a couple more, but that is only because the doubled up for other challenges.

If you have not seen a challenge to fit your fancy...go to A Novel Challenge
There you will find, tons of challenges: A-Z Challenge, Dragons and such Challenge, Princess Challenge...Royalty Challenge (Okay...I am just trying to remember what I saw) there are too many so you need to go for yourself!

Interested in memoirs or autobiographies and such?? Go to the In Their Shoes Challenge and you be in heaven. The rules are posted there..it looks like fun!

The TBR (to be read) Challenge is really neat, it is the books you ALREADY own, and you choose from those to read, thus eliminating our ever expanding need for more, and I mean MORE BOOKS!

Okay, so this is the last one I am going to search out for you...it is called My Year of Reading Dangerously...seriously, what a title!? Who wouldn't want to join with that one! This one is for those of us who have been intimidates (scared) of reading certain books, authors, genres, and so on. There is an official list of books that you can read, or you can make up your own scary list! I joined this one, it looked like too much fun. There are 12 picks for this one...so it is a longer list of books. I chose many off of the actual list, because it is always more fun to read with others, and there are many that I am interested on the official list.

A word to the peoples: If you are going to try to do this, start off slow. Also, I noticed that a lot of the challenges will be closed for joining in March, so if you want to join you should think about how many books you can actually read this year. Also, do yourself a favor and use the books several times, or more! You'll be happy when it is time to check off those lists!

Oh, and as payment for all this super-duper useful info: you HAVE TO let me know if you do join a group and what you decide on...I am nosy that way!!!


tricia said...

thanks bethany.

tricia said...

hey betharoo, i'm doing the reading dangerously one too! hoorah! hooray! woohoo!

bethany said...

*Trisha-yay for you!!! I want to know what you are picking for yours...or are you doing the official list?

Ain't this fun! I am so glad we found out about all this fun we were missing!

Trish said...

Y'all are funny. :) Very very good advice in your blog, and I would heed to it all. Challenges are a lot of fun, but I got a little burned out last year when I had what felt like a million books to finish with not enough weeks left. I did finish all my challenges, but I went a little over into January. I guess the point is, they should be fun--and its OK to break the rules.

This year I have signed up for enough challenges so that I have 2 books per month, basically. This leaves me room for "whimsy" books or more challenges later in the year (last year a bunch started in July). I hope you have fun with this!! Oh--and it's never a bad idea to make an alternate list if they will let you! That way if you don't end up liking one of your books you have a little wiggle room.