12 February, 2008

The History of Love-Rated!

I finished The History of Love by Nicole Krauss last week. Oh, my goodness...what a good book to read. It is one of those in-between books for me, it is not a silly nothing total chic lit (which I do enjoy sometimes too), and it is not loaded with information so that I needed to read and re-read paragraphs to make sure I didn't miss anything. It is an amazing book, it caused me to think, it is somewhat of a mystery and a love story of not just husband and wife, but best friends who are up in their years and share loss and history, of a mother and daughter learning to relate, brother and sister growing up together. For each character in the book it is the loss of such a love and what has caused the pain, and how they reach through that pain to continue on in their love even after death or distance or choices that have put a separation mark between them.

Even thought the title would give off a mushy, sappy book, this is not that. It is not that only because it concentrates on people and their difficulties in conquering their loves, but also in how they were or were not able to maintain them. This book deals with the deeper aspects of love, as in loyalty, devotion, patience and trust. I was not able to put it down, and even when I had to (I do have two little boys!), I would just keep on thinking about it until I was reunited with it once again. Now it is over...I wish it weren't. This book struck deep within me, I loved it...truly. It is one of my all time faves.

my rating:
The History of Love 5/5


Angel said...

I have been in the mood for a book lately. I am going to see if our library has this one. Sounds really good.

bethany said...

I think you'll like this one, it really captured me and made me think, but was also really easy to read and understand. You must know that there are three intertwining stories in the book (maybe four) the symbols at the beginning of each chapter will let you know which story you are starting up again.

I bought this book..I loved it so much. hope you do too!