28 February, 2008

not a shopper

Just las sunday we began the all horrid task of "church shopping". The whole concept is something I find problematic. Being that I am not a shopper in other areas, there is no reason that I would enjoy this type of shopping either. I am a buyer. I go, I buy. I don't think twice. But in churches, you have to and that is my misery right now.

People suggest this one and that one claiming they are exceptional, or "just what you're probably looking for", or "don't go to that one!", "I hear that church just went through some problems".WHAT!? yes, that was said, and things more piercing and worse than that about God's chosen, about those giving their all to walk in his footsteps.

Now that there are many possible churches, does that make people more apt to not remain faithful to their initial choice? We have options, churches with all different flavours, catering to all different groups, needs and desires. We don't work out problems, we walk away from them and take them to the next church that will embrace us...just to find out that isn't a good fit either, so we move on. Why can't we find what we are looking for?!?! Well, I'd argue that the problem is with us. If I live in a city with just one founded, bible loving, church and declare that there is nothing for me, or that I don't fit in, something is wrong with my own heart. Yes, I said it. Something is wrong with you, with me. The mentality that we do not have to stick with it, the mentality that there must be something better out there...is wrong. Always wrong.

Our sights are set higher, we require more, want more!! More, more, more! What is this whole thing about anyway...is it about what I can put in, what I can do, what God is moving to do in my heart, or am I desiring a church that can be attended with no questions asked. where I can go and not give as much of me as I should? As much as is being asked?

Why do we ask so much of everyone else and not of ourselves? Why is it okay to judge people when we cannot walk straight? What is our problem!?

I guess my argument is that there are too many possible choices, even in the state of Oregon which has the largest population of unchurched people in the USA . What!? Yes, too many churches make for christians who are too critical of where they end up, how they are fed, what they are fed, who feeds them, who eats with them, who does not, do they feel comfortable, loved, inspired, treated well? What is this? What needs to change? I do. We do. Something is wrong with this picture.

PS:Keep in mind that I am only talking about true bible following churches here, such as those heeding all the commandments of Christ. I am not talking about anything else.

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Anonymous said...

Hey Bethany,

I just wanted to let you know that we read and enjoyed your blog. I read it yesterday and just now read it to your mother. We both say, amen!

We love you and miss you!!!!!!!