03 July, 2008

bungaree j art

I am blown away by jackson's recent art burst. Honestly I know he is my son, but I can brag: he is amazing. He is only 4. He beams when I tell him he is an artist. Isn't that what parents can help with, see what their children's giftings are and build them up?! There is already enough discouragement they will face in reaching their dreams, I am just happy to be a part of the enabling process. It is also fun that he enjoys several of the things that I enjoy (so far, art, animals and reading).

currently j is into drawing monsters, here are a couple:
*(click on any of the pictures to view the enlarged version, then click the back button on your browser to get back)

happy monster (look at that smile!)
grouchy monster ( see the brown furrow lines!? this kid has talent! oh, and the green triangles are the teeth...you know monsters have green rotten teeth, right?)
(detail of the previous monster)

this is a bedroom the dark brown is a dresser, the black and purple thing on the wall is a painting, and the walls have a really great paint job (with the purple streaks!! fun stuff) the floor has purple streaks too..what fun!

robot (can't you see the antenna!?:)
mama (obviously)
mama (so sweet)
self portrait (this one was very hard to photograph, it is lighter than most of his art) It is raining he said but the sun is there to dry up the rain!


Angel said...

Jackson is so talented!! I can't believe how good his art is getting! I love all the colors he uses!!!

Medbie said...

Oh! He is doing some wonderful art! I love the colors and the robot is especially wonderful!

I work with special needs children of his age, so I love seeing what typical children are up too. Seeing him write "mama" on your portrait brought tears to my eyes.

You have no idea just how rare it really is for a parent to encourage and uplift their child by praise for the ordinary, such as the (not really so ordinary) beautiful work he is doing here. This is one of the things we have to teach the parents of our students--how important it is to receive positive reinforcement from Mom and Dad for their daily activies. Thank you for being such a good Mama! That makes me tear up too!

Ronda's Rants said...

He is gifted and I should know I am a grandmother!
You are so right to encourage them when they show talent and enjoyment in an area. Bravo!