08 July, 2008

our fourth celebrations went a little like this:

two brothers celebrating freedom, but mostly cupcakes.
and food.
walking on the ranch.
grandma and grandpa's house.
the view.
someone rode their horse over. cool.
creek rock throwing time.
(and jumping)

yum. raspberries, delish!


pretty cool horses. the rider has a helmet with HUGE feathers out the back, sweet!
rainbow juice and horse riding, interesting combo?
baseball, how could you not, it is the 4th!?

this was a great independence day celebration! Same place, same time, one year from now...
you in?


Corinne said...

I think that might actually be my sons' DREAM to spend a day there :)

Chelsea said...

Wow! What a place! We spend our 4th every year at a really great country party every year too. Your's looks even better though!

HoneyB said...

Looks like you had a lovely day!