10 July, 2008

productive oregonian day

This is an amazing time of year. Right now in oregon we have raspberries, blueberries, and cherries. This is the most productive time of year, which also means a lot of work.

Glad I kicked yesterday's malaise!

Today was a day worth a thousand. It went like this:
*get up
*make bread dough
*water garden
*get boys up
*pick loads of oregon fresh blueberries
*go to grandma's for lunch
*naptime for the boys
*knead the bread dough
*dream up recipes for the berries
*naptime complete (o's batteries must be slightly faulty as he seemed to not gain a full charge yet again today)
*make dinner falafel with fresh garden zucchini from grandma :)
*play (for the baby bungers, and daddy) clean up time for me
*bathtime (baby bungers)
*bedtime (baby bungers)
*make blueberry jam (bunches of it, as in 10 24 oz containers. yum)
*bake bread
*write this
day complete, me...I am wiped out.

end result:
10 24oz containers of blueberry freezer jam jubilation
7 loaves of wheat and grain goodness

what do you like to do with excess berries? berries are so good to eat, but it is so fun to save a little for later, as in when it is so cold outside and you have fresh tasting frozen yum waiting for you! Making freezer jam is really easy, easier than making a batch of chocolate chip cookies, everyone should try it at least once....all fears will melt away. bread, well...that is easy too...but more work.


holly said...

most impressive! may I have a slice of fresh bread with blueberry jam please?? mmmmm. My favorite thing to do with blueberries is simply freeze as many as I can since my kids devour them frozen but not so much fresh. plus they're better for pancakes and muffins when their frozen, they hold up better I think.

way to go!

Peta said...

I am very, very impressed with your productive day! I also clearly need a much larger freezer if I am to catch you up in the home baking front as at the moment I can only wedge in a couple of half loaves :(